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Welcome, and thank you for your desire to become a part of the Ch'i Lash family! Ch'i Lash is committed to helping you achieve your desired goals in the eyelash beauty industry. Ch'i Lash is devoted to the art of eyelash extensions. Sign up for one of our superior courses and let us help you become the best Ch'i Lash eyelash extension artist possible!

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“The instructor worked really well with me and went over everything without rushing. I will be coming back for the advanced course!” - Genesis Ortiz

“It was a great class! Perfect amount of time!” - Victoria Perkins

“I really appreciate the time they took to explain everything to us!” - Sabrina Collado

“I would recommend this to every one of my friends!” - Nadia Ali

“Samantha was very passionate and knowledgeable. I’m truly inspired!” - Musu Chery

“Samantha was very helpful and aware, corrected me when needed and watched me do it correctly.” - Kayla Barone

“Samantha is awesome!” - Olivia Romeo

“I will always recommend!” “Great environment!” - Santa Romero

“It was organized, calm, cool and collective. Thank you for your patience!” - Amanda Wahl

“I really enjoyed the one on one and will definitely be referring people!” - Jessica Coggswell

“Great section of learning materials!” - Natalie Vasquez

“Great atmosphere! And the energy from the instructors. I feel like everything was well taught and explained.” - Venus Bustos

“I had a good class with a good group of girls. I’m very excited to have been trained by Sam!” - Kayla Hardguittini

“Overall the class and techniques were great!” - Brianna Archambault

Angelica Rinn:

“I had so much fun! And was worried before the course that one day wouldn’t be enough but I feel so confident and excited. Angelica was nice, welcoming, helpful, smart and fun!” “It was a great course and I would recommend Angelica. She was awesome!” - Jessica Hunter Dickinson

“Great one on one. Very knowledgeable!” - Nadia Lopes

“This course was definitely worth it and I’m so glad I decided to go for it. It covered everything anyone should know to begin lashing!” - Jaylene Rinn

Tayla Vizzacco:

“The course was well paced and informative. All my questions and concerns were addressed. Very pleased!” - Francesca Schiavitti

“Tayla was the best! A complete pleasure to learn from.” - Samantha Errico

“Tayla is an awesome teacher! She is so thorough that I barely had any questions and the ones I did, she’s so approachable. Would highly recommend her as an instructor!” - Megan Mattera