Please Note: Ch'i Lash Inc. offers a certificate program and does not offer a state license program. For more information about the state license program, please visit our Ch'i Lash the School website @


Re-Admission Policy: Students who have withdrawn from the Higher Education Course may return within six months from the first date of withdrawal. If students return after six months from date of withdrawal, students will be required to pay the full cost of the certification course and restart the course.

Attendance Policy: Students must be in class at 9:00 am for the Higher Education Course. Students arriving late to class must contact and inform the instructor 15 minutes prior to the class time. Students who need to leave before the end of class must inform the instructor. All absences and missed hours must be made up upon availability of the instructor and student.

Student Withdrawal Policy: Students may choose to withdrawal from the course before the start of the course or during the course. Students should inform the instructor upon immediate decision to withdrawal from the course. 

Refund Policy: Ch’i Lash Inc. provides 100% refund of the course if the student cancels within 72 hours of the starting class date of the course. 50% refund of the course, if the student cancels after the 72 hours and before the class starting date. There will be no refund after the starting class date of the course.

Code of Conduct Policy: The use of Drugs or Alcohol before or during school hours will result in immediate dismissal. There will be no use of Drugs or Alcohol on or around the school premises. Students carrying any weapon(s) including guns, knives, sharp or unidentifiable objects that is dangerous and potentially harmful to the staff and other students will result in immediate termination and dismissal.

Termination Policy: All violence including verbal or non verbal threats to Ch’i Lash Inc., staff members, and other students conducted by the student results in immediate termination. All violent acts at Ch’i Lash Inc. will result in immediate termination. The use of any drugs or alcohol during Ch’i Lash Inc. hours will result in immediate termination. Unacceptable disrespectful behavior including use of profanity, racism, sexual harassment, and arguments with other students or staff members will result in immediate termination. Theft of any kind on the property will result in termination. All theft including stealing Ch’i Lash Inc. records, passwords, products and equipment. Failure to meet conduct, grading policy, attendance, and payment obligation will result in termination.

Placement Information / Employment Policy: Ch’i Lash Inc. assists in helping our students with job placement yet Ch’i Lash Inc. will not guarantee job placement. Ch’i Lash Inc. does not guarantee employment. 

Student Complaint Policy: In the event of a complaint, student may attempt to resolve the situation with the instructor. If the complaint is not resolved with the instructor, the student may contact the owner, Samantha DiFilippo, 860-346-5274, to seek resolution. 

Non-Discrimination Policy: It is the policy of Ch’i Lash Inc. to provide equal educational and employment opportunities for all people regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, personal appearance, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, family responsibilities, political affiliation, disability, source of income, place of residence or business, and veteran status.