Ch'i Lash is a company dedicated to superior professional eyelash extension training and quality eyelash extension products. We are motivated to help you become the best eyelash extension artist possible.


Samantha was born in Thailand. The American Red Cross helped her and her family relocate to the United States, where she could build a better life. Samantha grew up in San Diego, California and moved to Rhode Island in 2000. Samantha DiFilippo has always had a passion for the beauty industry and making others feel beautiful, inside and out. But that passion exploded in 2009 when she began doing eyelash extensions. In 2013, Samantha took that passion and expertise and created Ch'i Lash. If you've ever met Samantha, you would know she loves to promote positive energy, hence the name of her company "Ch'i", which means eternal energy. Samantha is full of gratitude for life, love, joy, peace, and happiness. Her motto is "Love what you do with love" and "Achieve joy and success will follow."


Our Motivation | Our students, customers, clients, employees, partners, businesses, and anyone we come in contact with motivates us every day to continue to provide the best quality training, services, and products. 
Our Purpose | To offer the best and be of service to ALL everyday. 
Our MissionTo grow with success and happiness with our students, customers, employees, partnerships, and clients. 
Our Values | Relationships | Building honesty and trust in all our business relationships 
Community | Coming together and creating a positive and influential culture
PassionLoving what we do with gratitude